Qysarus Secretus was one of the twelve Qysari Rings made for the the rulers of the Shoon Imperium. It protected the wearer from all forms of magical and psionic detection and scrying.[1]


Magic rings made during the sixth age of Calimshan (27450 DR),[2] were constructed of twisted bands of two different metals and were known as shoonrings.[3] What easily distinguished the Qysari Rings from ordinary shoonrings was that they changed form depending on the nature of the person wearing them. When placed on the finger of a cleric, druid, or other priest, the direction of the metal weave turned at right angles to the circumference of the ring. If donned by warriors or rogues, the raised pattern became smooth to the touch but still visible. Wizards saw no change in the design when it was placed on their finger.[4]


The wearer of this ring became essentially undetectable and unknowable by magical means, such as a crystal ball, ESP, know alignment, detect evil and good, detect lie, and detect undead. It also protected against psionic means of detection or information gathering.[1]


This ring was made for Shoon VII[1] who ruled from the Year of the Cascade, 309 DR, until the Year of the Shying Eyes, 367 DR[5] and presumably remained in his possession even after he faked his own death and his subsequent achievement of lichdom. Over the next seven hundred years he deteriorated into a demilich and it was believed that he hid most of his magical treasures in caches around the Shoon empire so they would not fall into the claws of Iryklathagra,[6] the blue dragon that collected a tribute from the Shoon Dynasty every century.[7]


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