Qyxas was a rogue vampiric ixitxachitl.[1][note 1]


Born in 1141 DR, Qyxas at one point joined the Honor Guard of the vitanar and became head of the guard under Vitanar Phyvvak. Under Vitanar Ourqax in 1275 DR, Qyxas was ordered to go on a suicide mission against the outcast merfolk fortress of Thuridru.[1]

Qyxas then aspired to the visar's position instead. Alongside two of his fellows, he betrayed his people by warning the merfolk. Later, he turned rogue and in time grew into a greater vampiric ixitxachitl, founding his own ixilthetocal settlement near Thuridru. Qyxas taught his followers not to openly attack other races but to learn from them and destroy them from within.[1]

However, most of Qyxas's allies and pawns died during the Twelfth Serôs War. However, he still knew most of the fortress's secrets and plotted to conquer it within a decade's time.[1]



  1. A "vampiric ixitxachitl" was not the same as an ixitxachitl vampire. While both had the energy drain ability and some other shared traits, the former was not undead. See Monster Manual II, page 129.


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