Qyzal was a rare female morkoth fighter and a member of the Arcanum of Olleth in Serôs in 1370 DR.[1]


Qyzal was a good strategist but her habit of toying with her victims often caused delays or worse outcomes. She was as ambitious as her peers. Qyzal was totally loyal to Axar Xyrl, whom she believed would become the next Grand Arcane.[1]


Qyzal was born of the same egg clutch as Grand Caster Duupox. She became one of the subordinates of the arcount Axar Xyrl.

Qyzal trained two quelzarn to use as war dogs, determined to prove their usefulness to Xyrl.[1]

In 1370 DR, Axar Xyrl allied with the aquatic elf tyrant Gantar Kraok and the arcount sent Qyzal, with four morkoth soldiers and her quelzarns, and Duupox to organize an ambush against some surface-dweller enemies of Kraok.[2] Secretly, Xyrl told her to keep an eye on Duupox and Gantar for possible treacheries.[1]

Later, Axar Xyrl, together with Gantar Kraok, entered into battle to help his subordinates. However, Gantar did not care about hitting the morkoth and when Axar Xyrl and Duupox confronted the elf about it, Gantar insulted everyone in the place and teleported away. Thus, in revenge, Axar offered his alliance to the surface dwellers.[3]




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