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Ra-Khati was a country of Taan. It was founded by Surtava.[citation needed] The country was a successor state to Anok-Imaskar after its demise in -1943 DR.[4] The country was found deep in the heart of Katakoro Shan.[1]

The country was enormously wealthy in minerals resources. There was no lack of material goods for the average person.[1]

Culture Edit

Ra-Khati was an isolationist nation that feared people from the outside.[5]

Anyone who wandered into the nation was given the option to either have their tongues cut out, to remain forever as a citizen, or to be killed, in order to prevent them from telling the outside world about it. Because of this, little was known about the country in the rest of the world.[5]

Economy Edit

Barley, millet, sheep, and yaks were the things primary grown and raised in Ra-Khati.[5]

Ra-Khati had no trade with the outside world since the destruction of the city of Kushk by the forces of Solon.[5]

Government Edit

Ra-Khati was a theocracy, ruled by the various lamas of the monasteries. The leader was the Dalai Lama, the highest priest of the nation.[5]

Each town was overseen by the lama of the town's monastery. The lamas were assisted by the sohei, who handled most of the administrative duties including tax collection, defending the town from monsters, and catching criminals.[5]

The lamas ruled the people fairly, although many of their laws were considered arbitrary and strict.[5]

Locations of note Edit

The most important city in Ra-Khati was Saikhoi, the capital city, which sat between two scared lakes on a hill.[5]

Religion Edit

Like most of the lands of the east, Ra-Khati followed the Path of Enlightenment, though they added many padhrasattvas, gods of protection, to belief system of the Path.[5]

Every major city in Ra-Khati had a monastery of some size, and each monastery was dedicated to its own padhrasattva. However, there was no fighting between the monasteries, as monks worshiped every padhrasattva.[5]



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