The Radiant Heart Auxiliary is the junior wing of the Order of the Radiant Heart, and comprises of knights who are not yet old enough or highly regarded enough to gain membership to the senior branch of the Order. Most of the Paladins of the Radiant Heart Auxiliary pledge themselves to goodly deities; followers of Torm and Helm are particularly common among their ranks. The Auxiliary branch of the Order's motto is: "A loyal heart and a faithful spirit."[1]

Joining the AuxiliaryEdit

In order for a prospective paladin to join the Radiant Heart Auxiliary, they must first be sponsored by an active member of the senior branch of the Order, The Most Noble Order of the Radiant Heart. Two of the Council of three Prelates must also approve the membership, giving their assent for the initiate to be accepted into the fraternity.[1] Most members of the Order come from noble families, often with a history of Order membership.


Each branch of the Order of the Radiant Heart has it's own auxiliary, consisting of no more than 40 members (branches of the Order are called chapters, and are usually based in large towns or cities). A Chairman, elected from the ranks, conducts the Auxiliary's meetings; however, the Chairman is not considered a High Officer, merely an elected representative.

Each member of the Radiant Heart Auxiliary serves for a typical term of five years. After this time, they can either voluntarily retire from the Order or renew their membership for another five years. In order to retain their position as a member, a paladin must gain the unanimous vote of all current Auxiliary members and the approval of two Prelates.[1]

Notable MembersEdit


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