Raella Hiess was a female human wizard living in Skullport in the 1360s and 1370s DR. She was the true proprietor of The Deepfires inn and collected information for the Lords of Waterdeep.[4][1][2][3]


Although Raella was the actual proprietress of The Deepfires, she preferred to work behind the scenes and instead served as an ordinary barmaid. Instead, her companion Vhondryl pretended to be the owner.[4][1][3] They operated as partners; Raella was available at all times and arranged meetings between Vhondryl and her customers and clients in the dealing of poisons and potions.[2]

Raella used the inn as a means of gathering information for the Lords of Waterdeep and for sale to others, as did her friend Irusyl Eraneth.[4][1][3]

Raella was herself an accomplished mage.[1]


Raella and Vhondryl knew each other very well and were quite fond of one another. They'd been companions for a number of years, even saving each other's life on countless occasions. Raella granted Vhondryl permanent rooms at The Deepfires, and together upheld the ruse that Vhondryl was the owner and Raella the barmaid.[4][1][3] Vhondryl knew of Raella's role in gathering information for the Lords of Waterdeep, and kept her secret.[4][1][3]

Raella was also a close acquaintance of Irusyl Eraneth, who also secretly collected information for the Lords through The Deepfires. Thanks to Raella, Vhondryl also knew this. Raella and Irusyl exchanged information regularly.[4][3]

Raella and Vhondryl were two of the only four people with whom Shradin Mulophor shared his secrets. He trusted them enough to let his guard down and act normally with them. As a result, they were let in on some of the most amazing secrets of Skullport.[4][1]



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