Rafi al Shuree was the Grand Yrshelem of Caravans of the Rundeen in 1370 DR.[1]


Rafi was the daughter of a merchant of Calimshan, but for her not-so-beautiful appearance and her meager dowry she was unable to find a husband. So Rafi decided to escape for an adventurer's life, while a loyal slave of hers impersonated her in the family house. In her adventures in the Dales, Cormyr, and Sembia, Rafi learned all the secrets of the caravan business, and, at her return to Calimshan, she decided to enter the caravan business with the male alias of Rahimat yi Manshaka. In two years she profited so well that the Rundeen offered her to join, and Rafi gladly accepted. After two more years she was so successful in her Rahimat guise that she approached her own family in order to propose a marriage to "herself". Nobody suspected anything, and after the marriage, her loyal slave finally stopped impersonating her. In 1352 DR Rafi eventually become a nirdey—a high rank among the Mitalibbar—in Manshaka, and she finally told her Rundeen masters the truth about her gender. In 1354 DR, she was promoted to Grand Yrshelem. Only the other Grand Yrshelem knew the truth about her; all the others traded with her male alias.[1]

Rafi was annoyed by her fellow Grand Yrshelem Saibhon el Bhiras, whom she considered unnecessarily ruthless, but decided to tolerate him for a time until his actions became dangerous for the whole organization.[1]



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