A Rage of Dragons, or Dracorage, was a Realms-wide event that occurred when many dragons went on a collective, senseless rampage, destroying everything in their path. This periodic madness seemed to be tied to the appearance of the King-Killer Star,[1] and lasted for a tenday.

In the event of a localized Rage of Dragons, the more common label was a "Flight of Dragons."[1]

Frequency and causeEdit

Rages could take place in a number of different cycles. Some took place every few decades, while others every few centuries.[1] In Faerûn, most sages agreed that this periodic Rage was a direct result of a curse caused by the Dracorage mythal, a powerful mythal created by the elves around -25000 DR.[2]

Extent of a rage Edit

The exact extent of a single Rage of Dragons was theoretically tied to the exact position of the King-Killer Star when it appeared in the skies above Toril. However, in 1373 DR the lich Sammaster triggered an unanticipated Rage.[1] The last Rage of Dragons resulted in the destruction of the Dracorage mythal, thus ending the magical curse upon dragon-kind.[3]

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