Rah Kigi Lo was the secret concubine of the emperor of T'u Lung in 1357 DR.[1]


Rah Kigi Lo lived in Y'cho Kang, the T'u Lung royal summer house. Her smuggling and extortion business was led formally by her two sons, Rah Kointo and Hayu Wan, who in truth answered to Rah Kigi. She also owned and ran a fleet of river barges and three warehouses in the village of Wai T'lu just downriver from Y'cho Kang.


Rah Kigi Lo was a widow who in time had become a very able crime lord. She collected the riches of four men before managing to reach the Emperor's court, where Rah Kigi came to be Wai Gada Shinzu's secret concubine.[1]


Rah's sons, despite their mother's efforts to have them introduced into high T'u Lung society remained two street thugs. Rah's most hated enemy was Wai Kung Chui, a widowed township officer in Shosun, a day upriver from Y'cho Kang.[1]



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