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Rahimat yn Fahd el Taisar yi Almraiven was a Calishite tailor and a member of the Knights of the Shield in 1370 DR.[1]


Rahimat was a tailor and a silk merchant in Almraiven. Usually, he traded using only his given name, because it was believed that his family had a lycanthropy curse. Despite this, Rahimat made full use of his Knights connections. His goal was to become the pasha of the Textiles Guild, despite the position being occupied at the time by Fatima yr Catathra yr Pesarkhal el Caslah, daughter of the syl-pasha. In 1370 DR, Rahimat discovered that Fatima had had an illicit relation with Pasha Jafar el Limiz, master of the Almraiven underworld, and sought to use this information for his power scheme. However, Rahimat was not as clever as he thought he was, and risked earning the ire of the powerful el Pesarkhal family.[1]



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