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Rai-guy (in earlier publications spelled Rai'gy) was a drow high priest of Lolth and a wizard. He was a lieutenant of Bregan D'aerthe.[3]


Originally from the destroyed House Teyachumet of Ched Nasad,[4] he was high priest of that city until he was ousted in a coup and "rescued" by Bregan D'aerthe.[1]

In 1366 DR, together with Kimmuriel Oblodra, another lieutenant of Bregan D'aerthe, Rai-guy betrayed Jarlaxle when Jarlaxle began falling under the influence of the sentient artifact Crenshinibon. Rai-guy also desired Crenshinibon for himself. When he finally obtained it, however, he was killed by the red dragon Hephaestus after Jarlaxle tricked the wyrm into breathing fire on the crystal and subsequently its wielder, Rai-guy.[3]




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