Rainbow Gorge was a cleft in the Rauvin Mountains that was generally believed to be the beginning of the River Rauvin. It made up the southern exit from Dead Orc Pass.[2]


Rainbow Gorge was located on the south side of the central Rauvin Mountains, between Mount Gaeram and Faerang's Doom. It connected to Dead Orc Pass to create a pass through the mountains.[2]


Rainbow Gorge was the exit of the River Rauvin from the Rauvinheart caverns, through which the river passed under the Rauvin Mountains from the Cold Wood. Geothermal heat forced the waters out in geysers before emerging in waterfalls out of the cliff face at the gorge. The mist in the air created a constant rainbow. A steep, ancient trail followed the east side of the gorge along Faerang's Doom until it reached Dead Orc Pass.[2]


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