Ramael the Reader was a native from Halruaa who lived in the Dalelands in 1367 DR.[1]


One of Ramael eyes was lost during his escape from Halruaa.[1]


Due to events that occured in his past, Ramael was a cautious individual who was always looking over his shoulder.[1]


Accused of spell theft, which was a serious offense in Halruaa, Ramael had to fight his way out of Halruaa in order to survive. He took up residence in the Dalelands where he posed as a bard.


Ramael owned many magical items including a harp of Myth Drannor, an amulet of proof against detection and location, and a ring of mind shielding.[1]

Ramael created several spells during his lifetime.[1]

Rumors and LegendsEdit

Ramael earned his nickname the Reader because of his fondness for ESP spells.[1]



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