Ramenos is the bullywug deity of somnolence, intoxication, and decay. He is said to be sleeping deep within the Abyss where demons feed sacrifices into his gaping maw.

Ramenos is completely uninterested in its worshippers and priests, and is concerned only with feeding and sleep.

Once active and strong in ages long past, Ramenos now slumbers most of the time, barely able to sustain attention to his own fate. He takes the form of an enormous, bloated frog with a maw vast even for one of his kind.

Strangely, bullywugs may revere Ramenos now not for his once great power, but for what he represents, the ideal of a life of overindulgence, something bullywugs struggling to survive might dream of being able to emulate in the afterlife.

Ramenos shares its slumbering realm of Smaragd on the 74th layer of the Abyss with Merrshaulk.

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