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NWN2 box This article or section is about elements from the game Neverwinter Nights 2.
Video games are considered canon unless they contradict content in some other Forgotten Realms publication.
This floating skull has rare and valuable gems embedded in its eye sockets and teeth. The aura of malevolence the creature emanates is almost overpowering.
  — Neverwinter Nights 2

Rammaq was an ancient titan, originally living during the Age of Giants (hence his large size as a demilich). He has been an undead mage for a very long time, and has repeatedly sought to become a demigod, to no avail. He joined in Akachi's crusade as a lieutenant in the hopes of being able to obtain several tomes stored in Eternity's End in order to reach apotheosis. The crusade was foiled, but he managed to flee Myrkul's wrath and continued to search for a means of becoming a god.

When the time for the Third Crusade was at hand, Rammaq returned to the Fugue Plane to resume what Akachi started, in hopes of trying again to obtain the Tome of Ka'Tai and the Tome of the Dolorous Sage. After the initial wave, he and his soldiers headed to Eternity's End.

The PC has a number of chances of foiling Rammaq's crusade, possibly even killing him. The player can allow the books to be lost, and under some conditions Rammaq will see betrayal and attack. If the player retrieves one or both tomes, Rammaq sends an undead minion to assist at the Wall of the Faithless, while he leaves to work to apotheosis.

His fate also affects the fate of Kaelyn in the epilogue; if he lives, and she continues to crusade against the wall, he will later betray her in a future crusade. This results in her siblings getting pulled into the Abyss, leaving her a mute and broken woman.


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