Rampage Stunk was a wealthy Waterdavian merchant with a bad reputation. Most of his hirelings were thugs and he even employed a werewolf in his service. Stunk made much of his money by lending to old noblemen and then foreclosing on their mansions when they couldn't repay him.[1]


Stunk married into nobility. He decided that the existing family tomb wasn't grand enough so he purchased several adjacent plots in the City of the Dead with the intention of razing the old tombs so he could build his own on the site. Unfortunately for Stunk, one of the old tombs was the final resting place of Lord Dorgar Adarbrent's long dead fiancee.[1]

Dorgar used a spellbook belonging to his dead cousin to cause the dead to rise nightly and haunt Stunk's mansion. The hauntings became more and more intense and were finally ended by a young wizard named Gustin Bone and his friend Sophraea Carver. On the night the dead were finally sent back to their tombs, Stunk became lost in the City of the Dead and was found the next morning by Gustin and Sophraea. The experience aged Stunk many years and drove him insane.[1]


Stunk was a very large man. After his close encounters with Waterdeep's ghosts he lost much of his weight and aged many years.


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