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Daggersdale - Cinematic - Zentarim 1
A throned Randal in a Daggerdale cinematic.
Randal Morn
Basic Information
Titles Lord
Home Daggerdale, Dalelands[1][2]
Gender Male[1][2]
Race Human[1][2]
Patron deity Oghma, Selûne, Tymora[1]
Died 1391 DR [3]
Rules Information
Alignment Neutral good[1][2]

3rd Edition Statistics[2]
Rogue 4
Fighter 6

2nd Edition Statistics[4]
Fighter 7
Thief 6

1st Edition Statistics[1]
Bard 6
Fighter 7
Thief 6

Randal Morn was the rightful heir of Daggerdale and had ruled as its Lord since 1369 DR when he reclaimed it from Zhentarim control. As the last surviving member of the Morn family, he lived in exile as a vigilante for over thirty years before his return.

He is of medium build, has long, brown hair and handsome features, and is an accomplished singer and musician. -FRCS 2e


Son to Flars Morn and Maerindra Elrproast, Randal was named after his mother's grandsire. During his teenage years both his parents were savagely slain by hireswords of the Zhents and Randal was rescued by Harpers.[5]

The Morn family had ruled over the Dalelands for centuries prior to the arrival of the Zhentarim. A flood of easily manipulated refugees from the destruction of Teshendale arrived, bringing along Zhentarim agents hidden in their midst. Sowing dissent and dissatisfaction with the Morn family, the Zhentarim was able to instigate a rebellion against the ruling Lordship.

The surviving heir to the family, Randal Morn, was driven from Dagger Falls by the Zhentarim agents in 1336 DR and began his career as a vigilante resistance fighter. He and his two hundred men would control up to three-quarters of Daggerdale, while the Zhentarim was only really interested in holding Dagger Falls and the surrounding area. During this time, he gained a great number of allies in the region and abroad, even once fighting alongside Mourngrym Amcathra, Lord of Shadowdale.[6]

The first major victory occurred nearly two decades later with the death of the puppet ruler Malyk in 1353 DR. The Zhentarim responded aggressively, leading to a series of events that culminated in all-out civil war by 1369 DR.

With events abroad such as the recent destruction of Zhentil Keep, the Zhentarim had its attention elsewhere during this time, allowing Morn the window he needed to reclaim the Dagger Falls and thus the region.

Randal is the last male heir to the Morn family. His sister, Silver Cormaeril lives to the south, married into the Cormaeril family of Cormyr. Unless Morn produces an heir, control of Daggerdale will pass to the Cormaeril family upon his death.

In 27 Marpenoth 1372 DR Randal Morn recruited a group of adventurer's to stop the Drow raids that had been occurring.[2]

In 1391 DR Randal Morn died after catching pneumonia on one of his celebrated hunting trips.[7]




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