Randal Sweetgrove was the leader of Amaunator's faith in Westgate during the Second Sundering.


Randal led the temple to Amaunator in the city.

In 1486 DR, he heard rumors about a young prophet of Lathander who had just arrived in the city. Randal instructed his men to bring the boy to him. However, when he met with Stedd Whitehorn, the young Chosen of Lathander, Randal did not believe the boy's claims that, since the world was in need of hope and new beginnings, Amaunator had changed his incarnation and had once again assumed the role of Lathander. He ordered that Stedd be imprisoned as a heretic. However, Stedd's companion, the reaver Anton Marivaldi, recruited Dalabrac and the Fire Knives to break into the temple of Amaunator to free Stedd. Lathander's prophet escaped and despite some devas sent by Randal to pursue him, Stedd and his companions managed to escape the city.[1]




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