Randalla Brasshorn was a merchant of Baldur's Gate who served the Harpers in the mid–14th century DR. She temporarily became a lieutenant of Xanhast, the general of Mordoc SeLanmere, during the time of Mordoc's Gate.


Baldur's GateEdit

Randalla was a wealthy merchant, who unbeknownst to others, was also a member of the Harpers, serving directly under Jherek. One day, when returning home to Baldur's Gate from Waterdeep with her caravan, she was captured by the Red Fang Marauders. She was rescued by five adventurers, including Dorn Redbear.

She put Dorn and his "alliance" up to many missions for the Harpers, such as investigating the kidnappings and murders that involved deals between the Hands of Glory and Luvia Bloodmire.

Mordoc's GateEdit

Randalla Evil

Randalla as a vampire.

When Mordoc moved the Onyx Tower into Baldur's Gate, Randalla seemed to survive the tower's zombification effect. However, she was captured by Mordoc's right-hand-man Xanhast, who turned her into a vampire. While in this vampiric state, she seemed to show loyalty to Xanhast and it was assumed that she aided in the killing of anyone who wasn't already turned into a zombie.

When the alliance returned to "Mordoc's Gate", Randalla was waiting for them and led them to the base of the Onyx Tower, where she planned to kill them. However, when she was mortally wounded, she seemed to lose her "evil persona" and begged for the heroes to destroy Mordoc and the tower and save Baldur's Gate before it was too late.

When the heroes succeeded at this, she was saved and acted to give the heroes a reward from the Dukes of the city. It is said that Xanhast's destruction saved her body whereas the tower's destruction saved her soul.


In Baldur's Gate, she usually spent much of her time in the Purple Wyrm Inn, where she could contact the "alliance" for work. She may or may not have had a romantic relationship with Dorn Redbear, since Dorn was infatuated with her. In addition to her particular wares for sale as a merchant, Randalla also had possession of maps of the Wood of Sharp Teeth and Skull Gorge, which revealed that Randalla had had contact with adventurers before the events of Mordoc's scheme to conquer the Western Heartlands.


Randalla was seen as quite a jovial character who enjoyed spending time in public areas like the Purple Wyrm Inn despite her importance in setting up quests for the alliance.[1]


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