Rassalice Olaundran was a member of the Olaundran merchant family in Delzimmer circa the Year of Rogue Dragons, 1373 DR.[1][2]


Rassalice was a bit plump, having been raised in a family that wanted for nothing and able to buy whatever she wished. As a general rule, she wore fine clothing made from a true gold-colored (never yellow) cloth called shimmerweave, trimmed in white or cream, but would wear the latest fashion if it struck her fancy.[1][2]


Rassalice was consumed with experiencing culture and being a patron of the arts. She relished the attention that it brought her, and she was somewhat of an expert on the artistic scene in Delzimmer. Money allowed her to seek out artists of all stripes and patronize them until the next one came along.[1][2]


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Rassalice flitted from music to poetry to dance to art to theater and so on, attempting to be at the center of the latest sensation or to be the one to discover the next fad.[1][2]


Rassalice was the eldest child and daughter of Yolaun Olaundran, one of the de facto leaders of the family business. She was the granddaughter of the patriarch of the clan, "Old" Gauthklaun. After her were two brothers, Elvolaer and Sardrin, and three more younger siblings.[1][2]


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