Rat's Bastard is an adventure module from the RPGA Legacy of the Green Regent campaign.


For the past month, orcs have been turning up murdered along with messages that read "The only good orc is a...". The city guard, despite increased patrols can find no evidence as to who the murderer is, but what few clues have been found point to the Red Fellowship. Racial tensions are growing and it seems that a riot is only one more orc corpse away...

The orc should have been executed. Mercy is a virtue, but Haargh slew one of Loudwater's finest, cutting the guard in half with his axe. I knew the guard since he was a boy. His name was Rendell. He hadn't even drawn his sword when Haargh killed him. The orc was given exile. It should have been death.
  — Teseryne Truesilver


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