Rath is a dwarven monk who lived in Waterdeep in the late 1470's DR. Rath's true name is Arrath Vir but he is known to nearly everyone simply as Rath. He despises dwarven culture and has turned his back on his people and his gods.[1]


Rath wears his face clean shaven which is very unusual for a dwarf and often causes other dwarves to challenge him. He is very handsome for a dwarf and fastidious about his appearance. One side of his face was severely burned by Ilira Nathalan but Rath had it partially healed. Rath wears a heavy black robe at all times.[1]


Rath is an expert at unarmed combat and is able to move with preternatural speed and grace. He carries a light blade of masterwork quality, which he refuses to use against all but the most worthy of opponents.[1]


Rath left his clan at an early age and trained at a monastery deep under a mountain. Once he learned all he could he slew his masters and travelled to Waterdeep where he began working as an agent for Lilten, the high priest of Beshaba. In 1479 DR, at Lilten's request, he killed a high ranking priestess of Sune named Lorien Dawnbringer in her chambers but was seriously wounded by Lorien's friend Ilira Nathalan. Shortly thereafter, Lilten hired him to kidnap a powerful young wizard named Myrin. Rath was successful in his mission but gave Kalen Dren clues to his location because he wanted to duel the young Paladin. Kalen was able to defeat Rath by knocking him off a roof but spared Rath's life, turning him over to the city watch. Rath currently resides in the Waterdeep dungeon.[1] Later he was one of the inmate of Helm's Hold in Neverwinter meditating to atone his sins[2]



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