Raudor was an ancient Imaskari city in the Hordelands.[1]

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Built during the Imaskari Empire, Raudor was a city nestled beneath a cliff of the Raurin Alta, in what was once a green vale. However, due to rock slides off the cliffs, and the expansion of the Plains of Purple Dust, the city became buried under sand and rock.[1]

While the buildings of Raudor were preserved by the sand, few visited the city due to the lack of treasure, and the city's ability to drive people insane. The few who did visit the city were mostly evil wizards, drawn by a desire to try to find the source of the city's evil, or the ancient evil artifacts that were said to be there, in attempts to increase their own power.[1]

Most who visited the city died, many came back insane, and others still returned more crazy and powerful then they were before, serving as inspiration to others who sought power to come to the city.[1]

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