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Rauglothgor was a red dragon who became one of the first dracolichs created by Sammaster.[2]

By 1357 DR, the Cult of the Dragon under Symgharyl Maruel provided a new lair for Rauglothgor in a tower belonging to the wizard Garthond, who had often fought the Cult.

In a twist of fate, in 1357 DR, Symgharyl Maruel captured a strange girl, Shandril Shessair, the daughter of Garthond, and entrusted Rauglothgor with her custody. However, in a strange series of events involving Elminster Aumar, the Knights of Myth Drannor, a apprentice wizard and a balhiir, it was discovered that Shandril had the power of the spellfire. With her new powers, she blew apart Rauglothgor, the cult members, and much of the surrounding terrain.[1]


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