Rauntil Balarr was an assistant in the cookhouse of the Whistling Wizard inn located in Voonlar, circa the Year of Wild Magic, 1372 DR.[1][2]


Rauntil was a kitchen drudge that carried water, stirred pots, turned spits, cut firewood, stoked fires, and cleaned and cut mounds of vegetables for his two old dwarven bosses, Bezoldur Thornhand and Thaunder Gallowglaive. He and his coworkers snapped at each other and groused about having to work continuously, eating on the run. The four serving wenches bore the brunt of their vinegar whenever they came in to pick up an order. The cookhouse was hot and steamy from all the fires, ovens, and boiling cauldrons, so the all-male kitchen staff wore minimal clothing for comfort.[1][2]


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