Ravens Bluff was a port city and home to many heroes and adventurers. It was built on a bluff, on the mouth of the Fire River, and the ruins of dwarven city Sarbreen lie directly underneath the city streets.[2] This might have been a major reason why so many adventurers chose to come to Ravens Bluff, and there were routine expeditions into Sarbreen. However, unbeknownst to even longtime residents, Sarbreen was not the only city that was built before Ravens Bluff: Drow had previously built a stronghold thousands of years before and created a powerful mythal to protect it. The mythal still existed as of 1374 DR and was suspected to be the cause of the mysterious wildfire phenomenon sometimes witnessed in the city.

The status of Ravens Bluff as a port city on a major river may account for the fact that it was attacked at least twice in its long history. An attempt made in the year 1370 DR by the warlord Myrkyssa Jelan, was unsuccessful (though the warlord herself was not captured). Rumors in 1374 DR suggested she was still at large in or around the city.

City Districts and NeighborhoodsEdit

Foreign District
This is its own neighborhood. It is less politely referred to as "Outlander Town" or "Outlander District".
Harbor District
Seaglimpse Neighborhood, Silverscales Neighborhood, Bitterstone Neighborhood, Ladyrock Neighborhood
Temple District
Altarside Neighborhood, Holyhouses Neighborhood, Swordspoint Neighborhood, Gowntown Neighborhood
Market District
This is its own neighborhood. It is never sleeping, with dingy stalls and warehouses filled with vendors.
Uptown District
Torchtown Neighborhood, Sixstar Neighborhood, Tentowers Neighborhood, Mortonbrace Neighborhood, The Skymbles Neighborhood
Crow's End District
Anvil Neighborhood, Burnt Gables Neighborhood, Shadystreets Neighborhood, The Shutters Neighborhood
Southside District
Pumpside Neighborhood, Tlasbras Neighborhood, Stormrime Neighborhood

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