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Ravilar's Cloak, also known as The Cloak, was a mining town within the Vilhon Reach.[1]


The settlement was located in the foothills of the Orsraun Mountains in Turmish.[1]


As a hot-spot for treasure seekers, the town was rough and rowdy. The Cloak was protected by warriors from all the independent mining groups within the community.[1] These groups were known as "factors".[2]


Around 1270 DR, a ranger known as Antonio Ravilar protected the small community of miners from a band of bugbears.

Over the years, the town became known for its murders, such as in 1363 DR, when a merchant Alataz Thrindol from Telflamm turned up missing. In 1370 DR, a bag of emeralds worth 60,000 gp was found in a cesspool and a Calishite thief, Rastar of the Blades, took up residence in the merchant's manor.[1]


Ravilar's Cloak was said to be haunted by a flying helmet. The inhabitants blamed the magical helm for anything that went missing.[2]

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