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Rawuns (formal plural rawunin) were the bards and storytellers of the desert in Zakhara. They used epic poems to spread the legends of their tribe.[1][note 1]

Rawunin sometimes grouped together to form a takht, allowing for a greater range of detailed performances.[2]


Only humans and half-elves could become bards, and only a bard could be a rawun.[1]


Rawunin had strong memories and stronger voices. They were the keepers and spreaders of knowledge in the Land of Fate. Rawuns in urban areas were often well-read.[1]


Many rawun were drawn to collecting books and scrolls wherever they could find them.[1]

Rawun with a degree of musical talent tended to prefer instruments that left their mouths free to narrate as story as they played.[2]


These individuals were adept at determining the magical properties of items. Once per day they could cause the evil eye to fall upon someone or remove it from a person.[1]

Rawuns were only able to use universal spells in Zakhara.[1]



  1. Rawun was a Bard class kit for the Al-Qadim setting.


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