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Ray of enfeeblement is a necromantic spell learned by some inexperienced wizards, particularly those curious as to the power of necromancy and shadow magic. When ray of enfeeblement is cast a stream of green mist sprays from the wizard's curled finger or implement towards a creature within fifty feet, sapping away their strength in a direct attack upon the creature's soul.[citation needed] The spell drains the mental faculties of a wizard somewhat and the wizard requires a short rest before they can cast the spell again.[3]

Ray of enfeeblement, prior to the Spellplague, was formerly available to sorcerers as well as wizards, and like all spells, aside from invocations, its power flowed through the Weave and was subject to the Mystras' rulings. As a result, ray of enfeeblement was only castable as many times per day as the sorcerer or wizard had prepared it. During this time ray of enfeeblement did the animus of its target alone, rather than the body as well, but it grew the spell's potency, like many of the time, was directly proportional to the skill and experience of the caster, making it deadly even as a weapon for extremely powerful wizards.[citation needed]


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