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Ray of frost is a spell cast by wizards, formerly a cantrip cast by both wizards and sorcerers, that is filled with cold energy. When cast, the spell conjures a frigid blast of cold, freezing white or blue air which then streaks towards its intended target, over a distance of no more than fifty feet, slowing their movements down for a brief moment. A ray of frost is more powerful if its caster is of an archmage's equivalent in arcane skill, dealing twice as much damage.

Prior to the Spellplague ray of frost could be cast by both wizards and sorcerers and like all other spells, with the exception of invocations, ray of frost could not be cast at-will but had to be prepepared. Ray of frost was also considered a cantrip, or a very basic spell known to virtually all wizards, though it lost this status following the Spellplague, becoming a fully-ranked spell.



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