Read southern magic was a divination spell that allowed wizards to read spells written in the Thoth mage-script of southern magic.[3][2]

Two versions of this spell existed: The one had been employed by arcane spellcasters in the Old Empires of Mulhorand, Unther and Chessenta as essential to practice their separate system of magic introduced after the secession of Thay (though some of them also knew the northern counter-part, read magic, giving access to spells from outside their domain).[3][2]

The second and much younger version was a rare spell created by Random Riellor from Halruaa around 1347 DR and allowed wizards from outside the closed ranks of southern magicians to read their encoded arcane writings.[1]


This spell required verbal and somatic components as well as a clear prism of mineral or piece of crystal, that was not consumed in the casting.[2]


Random only shared this spell with those whom he believed could further his research.[1]



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