The Readers were a religious organization in Zakhara whose members followed the teachings of Zann, the Zakharan god of learning and intelligence.[1]

The Readers did not have a favored weapon or symbol.[1]


As anchorite mystics, these fanatical devotees of Zann found Enlightenment through prodigious reading. The simple act of reading granted them their clerical powers; retention and comprehension of the subject matter was not required to gain access to their powers.[1]


The Readers started several holy crusades over their 400-year existence.[1]

Base of OperationsEdit

The Readers were based in Huzuz, because the City of Delights had the best centers of learning in all of Zakhara. However, they could be found in any city that had a university or other renowned place of learning.[1] They also maintained a strong presence within the Mosque of Zann the Wise.[2]



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