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Kryptgarden Forest
Red Larch on a 3rd edition map
Red Larch
Geographical information
Size Village
Area Savage Frontier Northwest Faerûn
Societal information
Population 600[1]

Inhabitants of Red Larch
Locations in Red Larch

The town of Red Larch is a waystop on the Long Road seven days north of Waterdeep,[1] and is located at the intersection of three trails. One trail leads to the Bargewright Inn, another to Kheldell, and the third runs into the hills to derelict, monster-infested keeps. The town was named for a stand of red larch trees that were chopped down about the time of the town's founding.[2]

Red Larch is known for its nourishing, though otherwise un-noteworthy food, called crumblecake. Crumblecakes are made into moist loaves from nuts, chickpea mash, chopped roots and greens, turkey and wildfowl scraps, all baked together.[1]


Notable LocationsEdit

In addition to what is listed below, there are farmer's and cattle markets, wagon works, and factories for the manufacture of buckles and locks.






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