The Red Ravens were a Cormyr-based mercenary company formed by several people who fought together in the Horde Wars, headquartered in Arabel[1], and led by Rayanna the Rose. Its symbol was a red raven amulet. It was tasked (by the crown) with clearing the Stonelands to the north of Cormyr. The organization consisted of 110 members and they were able to triple their membership fairly easily when the need arose. The organization equipped its members with studded leather armor and longswords and charged a weekly rate of 200 gold pieces for its services.[2]

They were known to be trustworthy and honest, mainly due to the fact that they did not want to lose their government contracts. Despite their size and being well equipped, they were only somewhat successful in their mission to clear the Stonelands, which were still in 1368 not safe for travel.[3]


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