The Red Rysal, or Red Captain, was an outlaw in Teshburl, Calimshan, who had acquired legendary status.


For many decades, the Red Rysal, clad in red leather, had defended the common folk of Teshburl against abuses of power among the rich and corrupt merchants, guildmasters, and government officials.

It was the Red Rysal who uncovered that many of the poor people's children were being kidnapped by the priests and clerics of many of the evil temples in the city, such as those dedicated to Bane or Cyric, and then sold into slavery. Once this terrible news came out, there was a massive city uprising, and most of the temples in Teshburl were burned to the ground.

By 1370 DR, the Red Rysal's true identity remained a mystery to most. Some thought he was a genie.

In truth, the Red Rysal was not a single person but rather a title passed down from one person to another, and there were usually two Red Rysals operating at the same time. By 1370, there had been sixteen Red Rysals in total, most of whom were from the el Ehrat family, a clan of weaponsmiths. Some were wizards, and others were rogues or fighters, which served to enhance the confusion about the Red Rysal's abilities.

Known Red RysalsEdit

In 1370 DR, the former jhasin and amlak officer, Oadif el Wajin was being considered for the role.[1]


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