The Red Worm was a half-red dragon half-remorhaz of enormous size who had been chosen to be a guardian of the portal in Choshein.[2]


The Red Worm had streaks of red running along his otherwise white body, indicative of his draconic heritage. Likewise, his head was a strange mixture of draconic and insectiod features; he bore both frills and horns.[2]

The Red Worm was not a mindless monster; his draconic parentage gave him more intelligence than the typical remorhaz. He was fully capable of devising shrewd attacks, and he was smart enough to suspect that he was guarding a portal of some sort, though he did not know why.[2]


In addition to the abilities of a typical remorhaz, as a half-red dragon, the Red Worm could breath fire approximately once a day and was immune to fire, paralysis, and magical sleep effects.[1]


The Red Worm was the spawn of an eccentric female red dragon named Icindallix, whose eggs were fertilized by an especially large male remorhaz. She laired in the caverns where Choshein once stood.[2]

The Red Worm eventually grew powerful enough to slay and consume his sire. He was then chosen by the Prince of Jhothûn to guard the portal in Choshein.[2]

Some time in the late 14th century DR, the Shadovar sent an expedition to explore the ancient Netherese colony that once occupied Choshein's cavern. The Red Worm slew them all and left no survivors.[2]

After this incident, however, the Red Worm grew nervous and would not leave the cave, even to hunt. Instead, he received a tribute of sorts of food from other remorhaz in the region.[2]

It was likely that the Shadovar sent further expeditions to slay the Red Worm, but his ultimate fate is not recorded.[2]


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