Redbeard Rental Storage and Shipping was a business located in the city of Wheloon in Cormyr. It rented out storage space for cargo and was owned by Lord Sarp Redbeard, ruler of the town.[1][2]


Redbeard Rental Storage and Shipping was in business by 1358 DR[1] and still in business in 1369 DR.[2]

Famed traveler Volothamp Geddarm wrote about the business in Volo's Guide to Cormyr.[2]


The warehouse stood on the western back of the Wyvernflow River, close to the public wharf. With two joining wings, it was shaped like an arrowhead and stood three stories high, making it the largest building in Wheloon. It was constructed of stone, and continually improved to make it more fire-proof and better defended. Circa 1367 DR, the topmost floor was rebuilt in stone and the thatch roof replaced with tiles. The entire compound was designed so fire could not take hold, not even incendiary attacks.

The loading dock was covered against the elements and equipped with rolling beam hoists and flatcarts.[2]


The facility was heavily guarded. The guards were veteran warriors specially trained to be vigilant, and they were supported by trained war dogs. On the roof was a guard-post watching the area and the skies. Together, they guarded against vermin such as rats and snakes, and against thieves, pirates, and airborne raids.[2]


Redbeard Rental Storage and Shipping rented out storage space in its warehouse for goods shipped up at the Wyvernflow River. It also worked in goods handling. All cargoes were handled with expert care according to their needs, whether they needed to be covered, moved around regularly, or kept at a certain temperature. For example, during winter storms, handbarrows of fire-heated stones were placed in cold parts of the warehouse to maintain temperatures.[2]


Lord Sarp Redbeard owned Redbeard Rental Storage and Shipping. He invested heavily in it, but rather than get greedy he took only a slow and steady profit, preferring to focus on improving and maintaining the business. Thus it became the most orderly, cleanest, and well-guarded warehouse along the whole Way of the Manticore. It was an excellent example of a well-managed warehouse business.[2]


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