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Reef giants were loners who lived among the tropical reefs that surrounded Zakhara. [1]


Reef giants had white hair and coppery skin. They were more barrel-chested than other giants from swimming through the ocean water. [1]


All reef giants preferred fighting underwater. They were immune to regular and magical water and ice-based attacks. Their favored weapon was a giant trident. [1]

Once per day a reef giant was able to form a whirlpool capable of sucking enemies under the water and battering them with debris. [1]

When attacking ships, reef giants could hurl boulders from a great distance. [1]


Reef giants mated for life but led solitary existences most of the time. Daughters were groomed to take care of parents when they aged and all of the parent’s belongings passed to the daughter. These daughters were eagerly sought by reef giant suitors. [1]


Reef giants fished and foraged for a wide variety of food in the ocean, often netting entire schools of fish at once. [1]

They traded pearls with humans and other land-dwellers for cloth, sweets, and metal goods. [1]

Reef giants were enemies of tritons and other merfolk because of their willingness to plunder the sea for food. [1]



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