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Refuge, also known as succor,[3][6] is a conjuration spell that alters an item to transport its possessor to the caster.[7]


You create powerful magic in some specially prepared object - a statuette, a jeweled rod, a gem, etc. This object contains the power to instantaneously transport its possessor across any distance within the same plane to your abode. Once the item is conjured, you must give it willingly to an individual and at the same time inform him of a command word to be spoken when the item is to be used. To make use of the item, the subject speaks the command word at the same time that he rends or breaks the item. When this is done, the individual and all that he is wearing and carrying are instantaneously transported to your abode.[2]

You can alter the spell when casting it so that it transports you to within a couple feet of the possessor of the item when it is broken and the command word spoken. You will have a general idea of the location and situation of the item possessor at the time the refuge spell is discharged, but once deciding to alter the spell in this fashion you have no choice whether or not to be transported.[2]

Material componentsEdit

The specially prepared object, whose construction includes gems worth 1,500 gp.[2]


Refuge is a rare spell in the Realms in the 1360s DR.[8] This spell is known by the Simbul.[9]


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