Regenerate was a conjuration or necromancy spell that could reattach or regrow severed body parts.[2][3][4][7] The reverse of this spell, wither, shriveled a body part to dust.[3][4][7]


The caster had to successfully touch the subject for this spell to work.[2][3][4][7] The subject had to be alive (not dead or undead) for this spell to have any effect.[2][3][4] Any severed appendages, including severed heads of multiheaded creatures, could be reattached by means of this spell. The process only took one minute if the body parts were placed back in their original positions touching the live body. If the parts were not available or too damaged, the live body would regrow the missing members, but it took longer.[2][3][4][7] The conjuration version of this spell took less than half an hour to regenerate missing parts,[2] the necromantic version could take up to an an hour longer than that.[3][4][7] Bones and missing or damaged organs would also grow back.[2][3][4][7]

As a side effect, the conjuration version of this spell also performed an enhanced version of cure critical wounds.[2]

When the necromantic version was cast in reverse, it caused the touched limb, bone, or organ to shrivel with necrosis and cease to function, turning to dust and falling off in less than an hour.[3][4][7]


The priest's holy symbol or diving focus was required, along with verbal and somatic components, to cast this spell. The necromantic version also required holy water for regenerate and unholy water for wither.


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  1. This spell was added to the Healing sphere and removed from the Necromantic sphere by the Player's Option: Spells & Magic. See page 187.


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