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The Reghed Glacier, sometimes confused with the Endless Ice Sea, was a glacial wasteland north of the Spine of the World.[1]


The Reghed Glacier formed the eastern boundary of Icewind Dale and was bordered by the Spine of the World to the south. To the east of the glacier was a frozen wasteland; beyond that (north of Lurkwood and the Valley of Khredrun) began the enormous Endless Ice Sea glacier.[1]


The Reghedman barbarians of Icewind Dale took their name from this glacier.[2]

Crystal Shard comic issue 2 cover

Evermelt in Reghed Glacier.

Reghed Glacier was home to the white dragon Ingeloakastimizilian (known as Icingdeath), who was slain by Wulfgar.[3] Icingdeath's underground lair was located beneath the Evermelt hot springs.[1]


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