Reinhar I was an Arkaiun warchief who rose to prominence in 545 DR in Dambrath.[1]


Reinhar consolidated the might of the various tribes of Arkaiun inhabiting the barbarian kingdom of Dambrath.[1]

He oversaw the enslavement of nearby Luiren and its halfling population.[1] In 551 DR, Reinhar conquered the land of Estagund and the Gunders, the ruling family of that nation.[3] Reinhar continued his onslaught, eventually moving on to capture or destroy several coastal cities in Durpar, before turning back to face the might of Halruaa.[1]

Reinhar assembled a force numbering 40,000, including a fleet of 50 ships, during his assault of Halruaa. The cities of Mithel, Galdel, and Zalasuu fell under his control.[1]

He was eventually slain, along with most of his army, when they faced the magical might of Mycontil and his assembled archmages.[1]



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