Reinhar IX, also known as Reinhar the Foolish, was the king of the Arkaiuns in Dambrath in 802 DR.[1]



Under the reign of King Reinhar IX, the Arkaiuns of Dambrath descended into a slovenly bunch. Despite the less than ideal state of his kingdom, Reinhar IX insisted on expanding the borders of Dambrath.[1]

Encountering the EnemyEdit

Reinhar IX began his plan by sending mining expeditions for silver and electrum to the Gnollwatch Mountains. The minders encountered drow from the city of T'lindhet within the mountains. The outraged drow raided and attacked Arkaiun strongholds throughout the region, destroying entire villages under the cover of darkness.[1]

War with the DrowEdit

As a reprisal, Reinhar made the foolish decision to counter-attack the drow at T'lindhet. While succeeding in getting into the city, the Arkaiuns ultimately failed because their act of retaliation actually united the otherwise spiteful drow, unleashing the full might of an entire city of drow. Reinhar's force was decimated. The enraged drow demanded the enslavement of the entire nation of Dambrath. Though horribly outnumbered, the Arkaiuns resisted valiantly for nearly three decades before the drow cornered them at Malduir.[1]


A group of powerful half-elven priestesses entered the city, causing the Arkaiuns to rejoice as they believed their salvation was at hand. The leader of the priestesses, Cathtyr Shintar, betrayed the Arkaiuns to the drow for personal gain.[1]



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