Relirva Indagley'Belash was a scout and retainer of House Teh'kinrellz of Ched Nasad in the year 1370 DR.[1]


Relirva was a commoner and retainer of House Teh'kinrellz, trained as a scout. Serving under the weapon master Durdyn Teh'kinrellz, she had the opportunity to study the chitine and choldrith of Yathchol and wrote a series of notes about their society and physiology. The Teh'kinrellz nobles approved when her information indirectly resulted in the death of the secondboy of a rival house. As a reward, Relirva was allowed to also work as a sage of chitine lore.[1]


Relirva was employed by bored nobles who wanted to hunt chitine.[1]



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