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Remallia Haventree was the Harper leading delegate at the Council of Waterdeep during the Tyranny of Dragons.[1] She was also married to the Lords of Waterdeep Arthagast Ulbrinter.[2]


Remallia was a noble elf living in Waterdeep; at one point entered in the Harpers and at other time she marry with the Masked Lord Arthagast Ulbrinter. During the Tyranny of Dragons Remallia's husband Arthagast was killed by local agents of the Cult of the Dragon; she used all her strengths to unite all the Realms factions to contrast the menace of the Cult of the Dragon and Tiamat and for this she was chosen to represent the Harpers at the Council on Waterdeep.[3] Remallia personally was very proactive in fighting the Cult but need to be more cautious cause the weakened state of the Harpers, only recently truly reformed.[1]


Remallia was very quiet, speaking only after others have had their turns and interview only when she think the others need her advices and guidance. She truly believed in the Cult's dangers but understand the caution of her fellow Harpers. She valued very much the intelligence, doing all to achieve it. She also agreed to compromise with lesser evil to fight more nefarious but not at all prices.[1] The death of her husband at the Cult's hand served only to increase Remallia's willingness to fight it. She was one of the driving force in the organizations of the Council.[3]




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