Remove blindness or deafness was a conjuration spell similar to older cure blindness and cure blindness or deafness which were abjuration spells that could restore sight[1][8][9][10] or hearing in some cases.[1][8][9]


There were at least two versions of this spell. The conjuration version was the counterspell to blindness or deafness and completely restored sight or hearing lost by most magical or ordinary means. This version could heal damaged organs, but not regenerate missing ones.[1]

The older, abjuration version of this spell could not repair or regenerate organs damaged by injury or disease, but could restore sight or hearing that was temporarily overwhelmed or lost by the reverse of this spell, cause blindness or deafness.[8][9]

Another abjuration spell, called just cure blindness, was also reversible as cause blindness and was a precursor to the more modern versions. It could not affect the target's hearing.[10]

All versions of this spell required the caster to successfully touch the target while casting.[1][8][9][10]


Only verbal and somatic components were required to cast all versions of this spell.[1][8][9][10] The abjuration versions also required a somatic gesture.[8][9][10]


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  1. This spell was moved from the Necromantic sphere to the Healing sphere by the Player's Option: Spells & Magic. See page 187.


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