Remove paralysis was a conjuration or abjuration spell that could free a small number of creatures from a paralyzing effect.[1][6][7]


Paralyzing effects that could be removed by this spell included slow or hold spells, and ghoul touch. Remove paralysis could effect one to four creatures, which had to be in fairly close proximity (no more than 30 ft/9.1 m apart for the conjuration version; inside a 20 ft/6.1 m cube for the abjuration) with no barrier between them and the caster. If three or four creatures were targeted, they each got another chance to resist the paralyzing effect. If two creatures were targeted, they both were twice as likely to resist being paralyzed. If only one creature was targeted, it was guaranteed to be released from paralyzation.[1][6][7]


Only verbal and somatic components were required to cast this spell.[1][6][7]



  1. This spell was added to the Necromantic sphere by the Player's Option: Spells & Magic sourcebook. See page 187.


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