Renal Bloodscalp was the Silhouette of Burglars in Athkatla in 1370.[1]


Renal was a shady character who crouched more than he stood. He held an enchanted short sword as a weapon, one that he famously used if needed. He was also constantly surrounded by his bodyguards on the top floor of his headquarters. He wore black leather armor that was also enchanted. He constantly had a red hood pulled over his head.[2]


Renal, despite his high status, still liked to break into buildings. Sometimes, cleverly disguised, he led a team of thieves on certain jobs. He collected knives from the Old Empires and far-off lands. Renal greatly dislike spiders.[1] He had a constant rivalry with Mae'Var, another guildmaster.[2]


Renal was a master thief with exceptional skills in breaking and entering. He possessed a knack for killing as well, and he was a top assassin within the thieves guild. His nickname was derived from his nasty habit of scalping his targets/enemies, typically leaving the scalp at the scene of the crime.[1]


In his headquarters, he hid Aran Linvail, the leader of the entire organization.[2]

He sent Gorion's Ward to investigate Mae'Var's "treachery". Ultimately, he ordered Gorion's Ward to assassinate Mae'Var after the hero discovered Mae'Var's attempts to plot with the Night Knives.[2]



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