A render is an unholy creature created by combining a summoned tanar'ri with a human prisoner. The process was an accident; while permitting the demon to kill the human for pleasure, the wizard miscast a spell from an unknown scroll, causing the creatures to fuse. The wizard creator died, and hundreds of others died as well before the beast escaped. Due to its unnatural union, the render is in constant agony.[1]


The render was created in the experimental labs of Darkhold, and it escaped into the Far Hills to the south of the citadel, where the Zhentarim continue to hunt it. The Zhentarim are desperate to catch it, but all attempts thus far have resulted in failure, with those hunting down the beast often dying in the process.[1]

Physical descriptionEdit

The render stands nine feet tall. It is covered in deep black, short fur that covers its entire body; the fur is matted down with a slimy mucous-like sweat. Its teeth and claws are between five and nine inches in length, and razor-sharp; its claws are often caked with the remains of its last victim. Its eyes are amber-colored and luminescent.[1]


The render can digest any organic material, not caring how fresh it is. It needs to eat at least twice a day, and kills without mercy or regret. It is likely the most deadly creature that can be encountered in the Heartlands.[1]


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