The Rensha family were a Calishite mercantile group that famously conquered much of the Delimbiyr Vale.


Ibun Rensha led his family out of Calimshan at the head of a mercenary army to take over Loudwater in 1150 DR.[1] The Renshas quickly moved to exploit the Delimbiyr Vale's rich, untapped natural resources for export. One of Ibun's first acts as Lord of Loudwater was to ban the ritual to select a new Green Regent every Shieldmeet, naturally seeing a protector of the landscape as a threat to his family's prosperity, and hunted down the incumbent Regent.

Five more generations of Renshas ruled over the region before the War of the Returned Regent drove them out.

Although the Renshas were banned from Loudwater, the family survived in Calimshan and in 1373 DR, Sanaja Rensha aided a failed Zhentarim plot to conquer the city.

Notable MembersEdit


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